Chris Jericho and WWE Come to Agreement Over Trademarks

AEW’s Chris Jericho has won the right to continue to use his name from the WWE.

Jericho and WWE have reached a trademark agreement which gives him the right to use the name “Chris Jericho” the name he’s used as a wrestler since the 1990s, notably during his stints with WCW, ECW, and the WWE.

AEW’s Cody had previously attempted to gain the trademark to the name “Cody Rhodes” from the WWE but was not granted.

The terms of the agreement with WWE free Jericho to continue calling himself “Chris Jericho” and in exchange, Jericho will be giving WWE the rights to the intellectual property created by Jericho and the WWE during his stint with the company.

Jericho is known for being extremely creative, not just with his own character but with ideas for storylines and match stipulation.

While there has not been a list released of what Jericho has agreed to give over to the WWE, some notable concepts that Jericho could now have given up the rights to are the “Money in the Bank” match, his original nickname of “Y2J” and the catchphrase he used during his last WWE run “You just made the list”.

PWInsider is also reporting that WWE has returned the rights for the name “Lionheart” to Jericho, which was a name he used way before joining either the WCW or WWE, but was related to his original submission move “The Liontamer” which became “The Walls of Jericho.”