Chris Jericho Believes AEW Has Changed The Game By Simply ‘Existing’

Jericho is set to face Adam Page next Saturday at AEW All Out

chris jericho
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Chris Jericho is one of the top names on the All Elite Wrestling roster, and the Ayatollah of Rock n’ Rolla is making sure he lives up to the billing. Jericho will be competing for the AEW World Championship at AEW’s upcoming event AEW All Out on August 31, and everyone involved is hyping the event as much as possible.

Jericho spoke on the Busted Open Radio this week and talked about AEW and its influence in the wrestling industry in depth.

Jericho doesn’t feel that AEW is inferior compared to WWE. According to Jericho, AEW is crazily popular right now and they can sell out any show they want to. WWE putting NXT on Wednesday nights against AEW isn’t a major concern for the company, and Jericho feels it will only improve the product further.

“We’re hot right now. We’re the hot company. I experienced this with WCW in 1998. We were selling out stadiums. You can add as many wrestling shows as you want to during the week; whatever you want to do, we don’t care. We’re doing our own little thing, and we’re hot. Anything that’s done as a defensive reaction to us being hot, just makes us hotter and cooler.”

Chris Jericho was a major part of WCW during the Monday Night Wars back in the ’90s, before deflecting to WWE at the turn of the century. The first-ever Undisputed Champion in WWE went on to speak about how AEW has completely changed the game since their inception, and are the most talked-about company currently. Although the latter part is questionable, AEW’s effect in the wrestling industry is not a secret.

We have changed the entire business, just by being in existence. When is the last time that’s happened? I can’t remember because I wasn’t born in the ’30s or ’40s.

Jericho will be in action next Saturday, as he competes against Adam Page to become the first-ever AEW World Heavyweight Champion.