Chris Jericho Botched Erick Redbeard’s Name Several Times AEW Dynamite Commentary

This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite was dedicated to the memory of Brodie Lee and was dubbed a celebration of his life.

Several WWE stars have paid their respects to Lee since his passing on Saturday but one man who knew Brodie Lee/Luke Harper better than anyone was his old friend Erick Rowan.

Rowan worked alongside Lee in both The Wyatt Family and The Bludgeon Brothers and his appearance on AEW Dynamite last night was the tribute that every fan needed to see.

Chris Jericho was on commentary when the appearance took place and was obviously so overcome with emotion that he called the star “Erick Rowan” several times.

Excalibur did interject and correct Jericho to say that his name is Erick Redbeard, and The Wrestling Observer later explained that this is because WWE copyrighted the name.

“He’s not supposed to say Erick Rowan because WWE [owns it]. I sure hope [WWE doesn’t do anything about it], I don’t expect it because it would be the worst of the worst for them to do that, please do not do that, but yeah, you’re not supposed to say Erick Rowan on that show.”

It’s unlikely that WWE will decide to pursue AEW for the use of the copyrighted name since this was a tribute episode of the show and it was all for a good cause.