Chris Jericho Calls NXT “Minor Leagues”, Feels Vince McMahon Will Be Involved In Future

Image via WWE

Chris Jericho is not a man who minces his words, and ever since he left WWE, Jericho has spoken without bothering about anyone. The former WWE Champion recently appeared on Busted Open Radio, and spoke at length about the upcoming NXT-USA deal.

NXT was officially announced to be a part of USA Network’s lineup starting September 18, and there are already rumors of NXT becoming Vince McMahon‘s show similar to RAW and SmackDown Live.

Chris Jericho feels the same way, and believes Vince McMahon won’t be able to resist the urge and will eventually get involved with the yellow brand. When asked whether Vince is going to be involved with NXT, Jericho said:

“Of course he is. He’s Vince McMahon. He’s a genius.

Chris Jericho later went on to lambast NXT, and said that he never got the appeal of the yellow brand. He termed NXT as “minor leagues”, and said that NXT will eventually turn out to be another RAW or SmackDown.

“I think the appeal of NXT, whatever it is because I don’t watch it. Don’t care. It’s the minor leagues to me. The appeal is that it’s its own little entity outside of the WWE world. If Vince gets involved, to me, it’s going to become another SmackDown and Raw. I think you’re going to see all three of those shows interacting with each other. It’s gonna be another WWE show. Whatever the appeal of NXT is, it’s now going to be changed to another Raw and SmackDown. If you like Raw and SmackDown, you’re gonna like NXT. There’s no way Vince McMahon is gonna stay at home and not be involved in this. That’s what he does.”

Chris Jericho is trying to make sure that his current company AEW is not affected by the NXT competition on Wednesdays, and he is trying his best to ensure they remain ahead of NXT by terming it as “minor leagues”.