Chris Jericho Claims WWE Stole “Eye For An Eye” Gimmick Idea From AEW

This past week on Raw, Rey Mysterio revealed that he would face off against Seth Rollins next weekend as part of The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. This gimmick came as a shock to many members of the WWE Universe since WWE reiterated the fact that one of the stars has to lose an eye in order for the match to come to an end.

Mysterio already lost an eye at the hands of The Monday Night Messiah when he was pushed into the steel steps a few weeks ago on Raw. This has since led to his son Dominick looking to fight on his father’s behalf, but Mysterio could be completely blinded next weekend if Rollins is able to extract his eye and win this grudge match.

Former WWE star Chris Jericho was forced to take to Social Media to accuse WWE of stealing AEW’s idea of an eye for an eye match. This match took place on AEW Dynamite a few months back in February after Jericho took out Moxley’s eye and The former WWE Champion then returned the favor by taking Santana’s.

Of course, the rules were very different in the AEW match, since WWE has already made it clear that one of the WWE stars in this match has to lose an eye in order for the match to come to an end.

The competition between AEW and WWE has been fierce over the past few months, especially since Luke Harper and Matt Hardy have opted to leave WWE and head over to All Elite.

Tony Khan, alongside former WWE star Cody, has been able to revitalize the business and AEW seems to be adding a fresh look at wrestling. This is something that WWE has noticed and it appears as though the company has decided to use their idea to settle one of their biggest feuds.