Chris Jericho Claims WWE Will Never Grant Another Superstar Release

Several Superstars had requested their release earlier this year

Image via Twitter

In the last two decades, WWE has helped many Superstars attain superstardom and pop-culture fame, but at the same time, several talents have been buried and fired in the most unfortunate ways possible.

As the biggest promotion in the world, WWE can make or break a wrestler’s career in the wink of an eye – it’s true that success doesn’t come overnight, but failure, sure as hell, strikes in split second. Despite being thrown under the bus, some Superstars continue to stick around in fears that they won’t get paid the same wages in another company while others simply quit.

Over the last couple of years, fans have witnessed several Superstars requesting WWE for their releases by making the matter public. The billion-dollar promotion would simply grant them the release by tacking on more time onto their contracts (for days/months of missed action, if any) and slapping a 90-day no-compete clause on top.

Shawn Spears (fka Tye Dillinger) is probably the last Superstar to receive his release from WWE. After all, the upcoming war with AEW is just around the corner and Vince McMahon doesn’t want to see a certain wrestler quitting his promotion and becoming a bigger name elsewhere.

On Busted Open Radio, former WWE icon and current AEW talent Chris Jericho claimed that WWE may not grant another Superstar release in the future.

“I don’t know why [Shawn Spears] sat on the sidelines for eight months. I don’t know why a lot of guys sit on the sidelines for eight months.”

“But you know how it works up North, brother. If you fall out of grace, you’re finished being played with as Vince’s toy, you get put in the corner. Thankfully, Shawn got his release. He’s the last one that will. Nobody will ever get their release from WWE again. Nobody. He got his release, Cody and him are friends. Cody knew what he was capable of. I knew what he was capable of. I championed to get him. The guy is a tremendous heel. He’s an old school heel. He looks the part. Putting him with Tully Blanchard is a great idea. He’s a main eventer. We’re going to make him into a star, just by putting him with Cody Rhodes.”

WWE had a turbulent start to 2019 as several Superstars expressed their unhappiness and requested their releases. While McMahon was able to win the majority of them over by providing better deals, a couple of them couldn’t see eye to eye with the CEO.

This perhaps goes on to explain why WWE is playing around with Luke Harper’s release request – the former Intercontinental Champion isn’t getting released anytime soon.