Chris Jericho Explains How WWE and AEW Approach Wrestling Differently

Chris Jericho is a vastly experienced member of the wrestling fraternity and has featured for WCW, WWE, and now is in a prominent position in All Elite Wrestling.

Jericho spoke with Andrew Yang on this week’s Talk is Jericho and talked about the major differences between WWE and AEW when it comes to presenting their content on national television.

Jericho felt that Vince McMahon and his family have always approached WWE as a ‘wrestling show’ while the Khan Family has tried to bring a more ‘real sports feel’ to the show, due to their existing investments in soccer (Fulham) and football (Jacksonville Jaguars).

“I think the biggest difference is kind of what we’ve been talking about this whole conversation is that WWE treats the business as a wrestling business because that’s what it’s been for 60 years from Vince’s father and Vince’s grandfather, almost from the old school carny attitude, and you can see that with ‘the independent contractor’ for example. It’s not right, but it’s just the way it is, like I explained.”

“AEW treats things from a sports team perspective. The Khan family owns the Jacksonville Jaguars. They own Fulham Football Club in England. So they treat the company like they treat their football team, and that’s a whole different vibe as how the talent, the athletes [and] the performers get treated.”

Jericho hasn’t shied away from criticizing WWE on numerous occasions in recent times and has actively promoted AEW’s wins in the rating war against WWE NXT.