Chris Jericho On Brock Lesnar’s WWE Deal: “Not So Sure That I Won’t Get A Deal Like That”

WWE icon, WWE Grand Slam Champion and reigning IWGP Intercontinental Champion, Chris Jericho was recently on the Ross Report podcast and expressed his honest thoughts on WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar’s eye-popping money-monster deal.

Jericho admitted the fact that he admires Lesnar for being able to to ink such a deal with WWE. However, the 9-time WWE Intercontinental Champion also expressed his desire to strike a similar deal for himself with Vince McMahon’s company.

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Lesnar appears on WWE TV only a few times in a year and has been enjoying the the main event spotlight throughout. The Beast makes $127,000 every time he appears on WWE TV.

“I think a lot of people have animosity towards [Lesnar] because of that [favorable deal], but I don’t.” Jericho admitted, “I admire the guy. I would like that deal and I’m not so sure that I won’t get a deal like that at some point.

“At least in New Japan I did, so I remember years ago someone said, ‘you can’t blame,’ I think they were talking about [Hulk] Hogan when Hogan had that huge deal with WCW and he got a percentage of the pay-per-views and he was making this money, they’re like, ‘you can’t blame Hogan for getting the deal.’

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“You can’t blame freakin’ LeBron James for going to [NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers] for $40 million for two years. Blame the company! Blame the owners! Blame the team! Blame the company! Blame Vince [McMahon]! Don’t blame the guy [who received the favorable deal].

“Yeah, I’m always happy for the [performers], whoever they are, whether you like them or you don’t like them when they make good money because I still think for years, if you’re liking at the NFL, NBA, NHL, WWE salary caps, who’s making the least amount of money percentage-wise?

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“It’s always the WWE [performers], so anybody to can make really, really good money in the [pro] wrestling business, I never hold any animosity towards them because it just means if they can make more money, I can make more money too at some point.”