Chris Jericho Removed From WWE Opening Title, Edge On Entering Royal Rumble Match Early, NXT Call-Ups Work Dark Match, Kane

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Chris Jericho Removed From RAW and SmackDown Live Opening Title

WWE has removed All Elite Wrestling‘s recent signee, Chris Jericho from the opening title before Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Live. Y2J made a surprise appearance at AEW’s rally on Tuesday and declared to “change the Universe.”

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Edge On His Preference To Enter The Royal Rumble Match Early

11-time World Champion and WWE Hall of Famer Edge won the Royal Rumble match in 2010 by entering at #29 and last eliminating 19th entrant John Cena.

During a recent interview with Inside The Ropes, Edge explained his preference to enter the Rumble match early.

“I think that’s the key, if you’re one of the pieces of thread through the Rumble, then yeah, it makes for a more difficult, challenging night,” Edge said.

“But that’s what you want to be! I always loved if I was gonna get to be #2 and be in there at #22, because that means, at some point every talent is going to go through you and you’re basically going to be in there for the greatest hits as every character rolls through. And hopefully you’re in there when, I don’t know, Jake the Snake comes out, or something, and you can take the short arm clothesline, or Booker T, or take your pick. I always enjoyed the rumble from that aspect.”

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NXT Call-Ups Work Dark Match After SmackDown Live

Latest NXT call-ups Heavy Machinery (Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic) made their main roster debuts in a dark match after SmackDown Live went off the air in Jacksonville, Florida. Kinght and Dozovic defeated The Colons.

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Kane Reveals Why He Worked WWE Crown Jewel

Kane reunited with The Undertaker to clash against DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) in a losing effort at WWE Crown Jewel. During a recent Reddit AMA, Knoxville County’s Mayor revealed the main reason why he worked that show amidst the huge backlash arising out of the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.  

“Because WWE donated $100,000 to the Knoxville Public Safety Foundation which was arranged long before the controversy. I made a commitment to our local first responders, and I wasn’t willing to break that.”