Chris Jericho Reveals Why WWE Created Jeri-Show After Edge Got Injured

Chris Jericho was once in a tag team with The Big Show. Together, they were known as Jeri-Show. Recently on Talk Is Jericho, he revealed how Big Show became his tag team partner. 

The former AEW World Champion said that after Edge got injured, WWE didn’t want him to relinquish the title. They wanted him to feud with DX but Jericho was afraid he would lose easily. 

“Show was my favorite tag team partner of all time, by far, and that was because I was tag team champions with Edge. Edge tore his Achilles tendon and he was gonna be out for eight months so, they didn’t wanna strip me of the titles so Vince [McMahon] wanted me to have another partner because we were going into a feud with DX, and a lot of people wanted to put me with a young guy…”

Jericho asked Vince to provide him a former World Champion as his tag team partner. He suggested Kane but McMahon said Big Show would be a better option. That’s how Jeri-Show became a thing in WWE.

“… and I said, ‘We can’t do this. DX will eat you alive, unless I have somebody that’s a world champion level that can deal with them,’ and I suggested Kane and Vince suggested Big Show and I said, ‘Okay great.”

“But there’s no more comedy, he gets rid of the one-sided strap thing and goes to a singlet or –’ I wanted him in tights, he wanted to do singlet and I said, ‘We’re gonna remember how f*cking big he is. He’s gonna be a giant with me’ and Vince is like, ‘Absolutely’ and that’s where it started and then, every match I ever had, I won because of him.”