Chris Jericho Says Everbody Will Leave WWE For AEW If Things Don’t Change

AEW is WWE's biggest competition since the death of WCW in 2001

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Former WWE icon and current AEW talent Chris Jericho is one of the elite pro wrestlers in the world today. In a career spanning nearly three decades, Jericho has seen it all and done it all while standing up for what he truly believes in.

Ever since the official launch of AEW this past January and subsequent Double Or Nothing pay-per-view event, many WWE employees (Superstars and backstage personnel) have expressed their interest in jumping ship to the upstart promotion.

While Jon Moxley (fka Dean Ambrose) made shockwaves by signing with AEW, he did carve out a path and proved that there is indeed life outside WWE. And it so happens that the former Shield member is now serving as an inspiration for all the Superstars out there.

Vince McMahon has an orthodox way of doing business even if that means denying healthcare to the wrestlers and travel/on-road expenses. And this trend has plagued WWE for nearly 20 years and talents have been really upset with how they are treated in the company.

The good news is that AEW, the latest player in the pro wrestling world is out there offering talents creative control, healthcare and dental, flexible road schedule – all under a WWE-esque deal.

While speaking to Jesse “The Body” Ventura on RT America, veteran Jericho talked about his deal with AEW while explaining that everybody in WWE will jump ship to AEW if McMahon doesn’t provide sufficient privileges to his employees.

“From a business standpoint there was no choice, AEW was better across the board. From the guarantee that I was given, the employee status, the healthcare, there is a lot more of that going on. I think that is going to continue to grow, which will force WWE to follow suit or everybody will want to leave WWE and come to AEW, which is already starting to happen.”