Chris Jericho Says WWE NXT Is “Minor Leagues”, There Is No “War”

Image via Twitter

Chris Jericho is one of the contenders for the first AEW World Championship and has been making the rounds promoting himself and AEW All Out and their upcoming show AEW on TNT.

During an interview with, he had some disparaging words about his former company and AEW’s current competition, WWE. Specifically, he shot down the notion that WWE’s third brand, NXT was anything for AEW to worry about.

NXT, which was previously only aired on the WWE Network, will be making the jump to TV. They will begin airing on the USA Network on Wednesday’s starting September. At a time slot that puts it in direct competition with AEW’s TV program AEW on TNT.

This move is seen by some as the “Wednesday Night Wars” reminiscent to when WWE and WCW went against each other in the “Monday Night Wars.”

Jericho, however, doesn’t think much of the idea of a “Wednesday Night War” or NXT in general.

“I am not at war with anyone at NXT,” stated Jericho. Who, it should be noted was part of the “Monday Night Wars” first on WCW before jumping to WWE.

“Why would you start a war with some minor leagues?” continues Jericho dismissively.

“There is no war for me at all because there is not one guy on that show that I have ever hear of before and that is not being snobby – it’s just that I don’t want NXT,” he added.

“It is certainly not a war on our part, because we have been doing great on our own — selling out shows and selling 10,000 tickets in five minutes without any type of war or competition,” Jericho stated.

“One thing I learned when I was in WCW is the worst thing you can do is worry about your competition,” he said. “Worry about what you are doing and clean your house and make sure your own s— is going good.”

Jericho will be facing Hangman Adam Page during tonight’s All Out Event. He could be crowned AEW’s inaugural World Champion if he wins.