Chris Jericho Shares Son’s High School Wrestling Debut, Missy Hyatt To Be Honored At Dynamite, AEW and Super Bowl

Current AEW World Champion Chris Jericho shared a post on his Instagram about a milestone in his son Ash’s life. Ash, who is in high school, has apparently begun wrestling. In his Instagram post, Jericho shares a photo of him and Ash, who is in wrestling gear, seemingly talking strategy.

“He’s just getting started, but look out wrestling world. . . #SonOfJericho is coming for you!”

AEW To Honor Missy Hyatt On This Week’s Dynamite

Missy Hyatt, mostly known for her work as a manager in WCW, shared on her Twitter that she’s going to be on AEW Dynamite this Wednesday.

This week’s episode of AEW Dynamite is to be held in the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama. According to Hyatt’s tweet, she’s to be honored during the show, along with Austin Idol.

No word as to whether the segment honoring Hyatt and Idol will be part of the regular Dynamite broadcast or to be on AEW Dark.

AEW Ad To Air During Super Bowl

If you want to take a break from wrestling to catch the Super Bowl, you will get a chance to catch an ad for the next AEW Dynamite.

Aside from that, AEW is having a Super Bowl flash sale where all items will be 20 percent off until the game ends. All you need to do is use the promo code: SUPERBOWL.

Aside from getting a chance to score that merch you’ve always wanted, you can check out their new items as they have added 20 new items to the shop.