Chris Jericho Speaks Out Against Critics Of Marko Stunt

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Current AEW World Champion Chris Jericho may be playing the heel in the ring right now, but that is not stopping him from coming to the defense of talented wrestlers he thinks are being treated unfairly.

Jericho came out in defense of AEW talent Marko Stunt who made his national TV debut on last week’s episode of Dynamite.

Stunt was a last-minute addition to the show after Luchasaurus suffered a hamstring injury that necessitated him getting pulled from a tag team match. Luchasaurus, with his partner Jungle Boy, was supposed to have an AEW Tag Team Tournament match against Pentagon Jr. and Fenix. Stunt took Luchasaurus’s place, though the duo lost the match.

After the match, there was some criticism levied against Stunt because of his perceived small stature. Jericho blasted Stunt’s critics in a series of Tweets, noting that many people of similar stature are currently doing fine in wrestling.

Jericho’s biggest argument against Stunt’s critics was Rey Mysterio. According to Jericho, he thought Mysterio was too small to make it when he initially met him back in 1993. He also saw other people underestimate Mysterio and how they were ultimately proven wrong.

“Dean Malenko got laughed out of WCW locker room when he stood up for Rey before their first match in Aug 96. Both men were congratulated afterward after people saw Rey work,” said Jericho.

Jericho also pointed out that many current wrestlers who are skilled and over are a lot smaller than those in the 90’s.

“Bottom line: Over is over & Marko did a good job of getting over on Wednesday. Whether he ends up a World Champion like Rey did remains to be seen…but I’d rather watch him than a 6’8” muscle head who can’t move,” said Jericho.