Chris Jericho Talks About Non-Scripted Segments and Lack of Writers in AEW

Image via WWE

All Elite Wrestling World Champion Chris Jericho is definitely not a man of few words. Y2J is known to speak his mind on several occasions, and this time he spoke with Mature Audiences Mayhem, on several wrestling topics.

It was recently reported that AEW will not be a scripted show unlike WWE, and the talent will have the freedom to conduct business in a different manner. Chris Jericho talked about this story in the interview, and felt that scripted segments and promos are not the way to succeed.

Jericho talked about how some of the most iconic segments and catchphrases were a result of non-scripted things. He cited his own Y2J gimmick and Stone Cold’s 3:16 promo as major examples of unscripted parts of the show.

“I think people are excited because it’s something different. I know this – there’s no scripted promos.There are no writers because that is what wrestling is. That is where it came from! ‘Austin 3:16’ was written by Steve Austin, ‘Y2J’ was written by Chris Jericho, ‘Never Ever Againe’ was written by Chris Jericho. All that stuff came from my head because I am the one who has to deliver it.

Chris Jericho was also critical of Vince McMahon and his tendency to script stuff. He felt that talent loses out on a lot by having to speak what Vince wants them to, even if it doesn’t make sense.

“I watch WWE – and listen, I love WWE. I worked there for 19 years. But you can see when people are saying s–t that they don’t buy, and you have to say it because it’s what Vince McMahon wants. And if you don’t say what he wants, you are going to hear about it. And if you don’t do it the next time, you probably won’t get promos anymore.”

Chris Jericho’s last run in WWE saw him get a List over with the crowd, along with a Plant and a Scarf. The Ayatolla of Rock N’ Rolla has done it all in the business and if he feels that non-scripted promos are the way to go, WWE must try and adopt the same policy.