Chris Jericho Wanted to Recreate Kurt Angle’s Milk Truck Segment in AEW

Chris Jericho is currently in a very unlikely program with Orange Cassidy, and the duo main-evented the second night of AEW Fyter Fest two weeks ago. Jericho is arguably the biggest name on the AEW roster and has a great deal of influence over how things pan out during the shows.

Jericho spoke on Jericho’s Saturday Night Special and revealed more details about the segment from Fight for the Fallen last week. Jericho and his Inner Circle were standing in the ring when the rafters opened up, and orange juice showered down upon the heels.

Jericho revealed that the original plan for the segment was to be similar to Kurt Angle’s iconic segment on RAW when Angle came in a milk truck and sprayed milk all over the ring.

The setup at AEW’s current location, Daily Place, doesn’t allow trucks to enter the arena due to the structure, which forced the company to think of other ideas.

“I originally wanted Orange to come into the venue in an orange juice truck, kind of like [Kurt Angle] did with the milk truck or whatever it may be. But if you see at Daily’s Place whenever they have cars come in – Cody tried to drive it in that one time, and now they have FTR driving.”

“And you can only get to a certain area and then you have to stop, so you couldn’t get a whole orange juice truck, even if there’s such a thing. But I’m sure we could have made one, and he would have sprayed orange juice on [us].”

Jericho picked up a victory over Orange Cassidy at Fyter Fest, but the two stars are far from done in their bizarre rivalry. Cassidy is backed by AEW’s top brass including Tony Khan, which ensured his push into the upper-tier of the roster.