Christian Talks About Moving To TNA: “I Had Hit A Roadblock In WWE”

Retired WWE Superstar Christian started and ended his in-ring career in the WWE, but he also spent a considerable amount of time as Christian Cage in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA).

Christian was with TNA from 2005 to 2008, where he held the NWA World Heavyweight Championship twice. He then re-signed with the WWE, where he held the ECW Championship and twice had the World Heavyweight Championship before retiring in 2014.

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During an appearance on the podcast “Prime Time With Sean Moony”, Christian talked a bit about his time in TNA and what prompted his decision to leave the WWE.

“My thought process going into TNA was, I felt like I kinda had hit, sort of a roadblock in WWE as far as., where I stood,” said Christian.

“I felt like I was getting really strong reactions and having great matches and nothing was changing, and if you wanna change things you have to change yourself,” he said.

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“So, my contract was coming up and my mindset was,’Take a chance on yourself. Bet on yourself like you did all those other times. Go away for a few.’” revealed Christian.

While he also said that he had every intention of coming back to the WWE when the “time was right”, he thinks that leaving for TNA was the right decision.

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“They gave me an amazing opportunity at TNA – I had a great time there. Dixie Carter was really, really good to me. I’ll never say a bad word about my time there,” said Christian.

“They gave me the opportunity to prove myself and grow as a performer and to gain the maturity that maybe I hadn’t quite had in the previous years. So, when I went back [to the WWE], I felt that I was more of a complete package,” he concludes.