CM Punk Addresses Rumors That He Has COVID-19

On his Twitter account, former WWE Champion CM Punk denied reports that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

Punk’s denial followed a tweet from a fan that stated that “at least” they had COVID at the same time as CM Punk.

Punk himself sparked speculation that he had COVID-19 last Friday. Also on Twitter, Punk declared then that he was on day one of quarantine.

In his latest Tweet, Punk clarified he was not quarantined because he had COVID-19 or because he had been exposed.

“I’m quarantining as a mandatory safety guideline for a job,” said Punk.

The news that Punk has an upcoming job in the next two weeks is of course sparking even more speculation, this time centered around what the job could be.

It was recently announced that WWE Backstage, of which Punk was a part, is returning. Though his co-host Renee Paquette has confirmed her involvement, there has yet to be an official announcement that Punk will also be involved.

There is also the possibility that he might be making an appearance for WWE, AEW, ROH, or Impact Wrestling. These are the few wrestling promotions that are still having shows and they are all requiring talent to quarantine or get tested before getting involved in shows or tapings.