CM Punk-Colt Cabana Lawsuit Settled, Punk Calls Cabana ‘Greedy’

Former WWE superstar CM Punk has recently come to an agreement over the settlement of a long-standing lawsuit with his former friend Colt Cabana, according to a report by Forbes. CM Punk and Colt Cabana were embroiled in a legal battle after Cabana filed a lawsuit against Punk in August last year.

According to PWInsider, both the parties came to a settlement without any financial terms involved, and the lawsuit was jointly filed for settlement by Cabana and Punk.

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CM Punk and Colt Cabana were on the receiving end of a lawsuit by WWE doctor Christopher Amann, which was eventually ruled in favor of Punk and Cabana. Following this, Cabana filed a lawsuit on Punk for $1.8 million dollars, citing breach of contract and fraud over legal fees in their lawsuit against Amann.

Cabana claimed that Punk’s legal team dropped him as a client during their lawsuit against Amaann, and he had to get his own representation. The suit filed by Cabana was dismissed, following which he filed another suit for $200K, seeking additional damages.

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Punk filed a countersuit against Cabana for $600,000 and claimed that he was never reimbursed by Cabana for the payments he made during the Amann lawsuit. Punk also claimed that he never received any profits from the podcast with Cabana, which received tremendous popularity online.

Punk and Cabana started off in professional wrestling together and even won the ROH Tag Team Championships together. Punk went on to have tremendous success in singles competition, and joined WWE, while Cabana’s career trajectory didn’t look the same.

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Cabana did sign a contract with WWE, but his career never took off in the company. Cabana was eventually released after just two years with the company.

CM Punk claims that Cabana got greedy and tried to extort him with the lawsuit. Punk has recently appeared in try-outs with WWE and could be appearing in a backstage role soon.