CM Punk Deals With Rowdy MMA Fan, Daniel Cormier Glad That Brock Lesnar Lost The Universal Championship

Image via Twitter

Current UFC Heavyweight Champion and professional wrestling fan Daniel Cormier thinks that it was a good thing that the WWE took the WWE Universal Championship off Brock Lesnar.

During an interview with Submission Radio, Cormier took some time to discuss the latest development in the WWE Universal Championship picture. Cormier seems to be a big Seth Rollins fan as he’s all praise of the new champion.

“Seth is the man and he’s a great guy. He works extremely hard and is on TV every week,” said Cormier.

Echoing the sentiments of many in the WWE Universe, Cormier thinks that a champion other than Brock is a good idea mainly because of Lesnar’s status as a part timer.

“I think with the new direction WWE is going, they wanna have that belt present. With the new writers and the new creative direction they’re going, it’s a good decision to put the belt on someone who’s gonna be there every week,” said Cormier.

“Seth does everything. He does the house shows, he wrestles every pay-per-view, every Monday Night Raw. It’s good for him to be there [as champion],” he added.

CM Punk Deals With Rowdy Fan At Cage Fury Fighting Event

Former WWE Superstar CM Punk is currently a commentator with Cage Fury Fighting. During the latest event, Cage Fury Fighting Championships 77, a rowdy fan who was heckling him ended up escorted from the building.

During a fight between Christopher Daukaus and Danny Holmes, there was a quick stoppage and a fan ended up getting close to the cage to voice his displeasure.  Here is a video of the incident:

You can hear Punk in the background telling the heckler to back up and the other commentator informing the crowd that the heckler was being escorted out to of the building.

Despite this, Punk was able to call the rest of the event and Tweeted about it, though he didn’t address the incident directly.