CM Punk Explains Why He Doesn’t Want To Get In The Ring Again

The Second City Saint is a 5-time World Champion

Image via Twitter

CM Punk walked out of WWE 5 years ago and hasn’t wrestled in the ring ever since.

It was a dark phase in Punk’s career – an unceremonious departure, being handed his termination papers on the day of his wedding, and a lawsuit filed by Dr. Chris Amann – together, it left a very bitter taste in Punk’s mouth so much so that he even dreads to step back in the ring once again.

During a recent interview with Collider Live, the Second City Saint made it known that the very idea of wrestling makes him feel “weird and uncomfortable”.

“Talking about wrestling and me doing anything in the wrestling arena, it always feels kinda weird and uncomfortable because there’s so many variables. The number one thing for me is I will never put myself in a position where I can be harmed ever again. And there’s a lot of trust that goes into that.” 

Per reports, Punk’s role as the co-host of the WWE Backstage show on FS1 is a done deal. However, this new gig will have the ex-Superstar working for FOX, not WWE.

“I mean, I gave up myself to a point where I look back at it and if I didn’t leave and walk out, I would be dead because nobody else was going to do it. Because I was sick, and I was hurt, and I was messed up, and the people put in place to make sure – to help, they’re not helping. It is what it is, but I begged for time off for I don’t know how long; I never got it.”

At this point, the chances of Punk making a return to the ring are quite slim although never say never in pro wrestling.

Only time will tell if Punk and WWE can truly bury the hatchet and develop a working relationship all over again.