CM Punk Gets Mentioned As “The Best In The World” On Monday Night Raw

CM Punk
Image via Sportskeeda

Over the past few months, Shane McMahon has been calling himself “The Best in the World” since he was the man who emerged victorious following the WWE World Cup back at Crown Jewel in November.

The WWE Universe believed that the title of “The Best in the World” was a dig at CM Punk, who walked away from WWE back in 2014 due to a number of different off-screen issues. WWE has continued to refer to Shane McMahon as The Best in the World in recent months, but it appears that the WWE Universe refuses to accept that this is his title.

WWE has changed their format on Monday Night Raw so that fans are no longer missing any of the wrestling action as part of the advert breaks, so instead, Sarah Schreiber was sent into the WWE Universe and began a trivia game with some of the fans in attendance.

All was going well until Schreiber asked who “The Best In the World” was, and a kid responded that it was CM Punk.

This cracked up many fans in attendance and proves that regardless of what WWE does to push Shane McMahon forward under this new nickname, The Second City Saint will always be seen as the real “Best in the World.”

This was a title that Punk gave himself at the height of his career a few years ago and there wasn’t a superstar on WWE’s main roster at the time who could argue with Punk since he was seen as one of the best.

McMahon has taken on the title after winning a competition he wasn’t even originally part of and taking advantage of The Miz’s injury in the final and he has since annoyingly pushed it as his new title whenever he’s seen on WWE TV.