CM Punk Responds To Ronda Rousey’s Nasty Comments on WWE

Ronda Rousey went on a rampage last week and completely trashed WWE and their fanbase, once again referring the promotion as fake and calling the fans ungrateful. Rousey went on a hiatus after WrestleMania 35 but has often teased a comeback to the company.

CM Punk returned to WWE Backstage this week and had his own say on Rousey’s hard-hitting comments. The former WWE Champion, who himself has lashed out at the company on numerous occasions, felt that Rousey’s comments won’t end well for her but he loves it.

Punk said that people have accused Ronda of being a crybaby after leaving UFC and WWE following two major losses. However, Punk felt that Rousey is still in control of the situation and is doing proper heel work by riling up the fanbase.

“She’s doing her job. Listen, I love this. This is pure chaos and I don’t see this ending well whether it’s real or scripted, but it’s gonna be fun to watch. It’s fantastic watching everyone bite on it. It’s fantastic watching everyone get butt-hurt about it. You know, people say Ronda’s soft because she got knocked out twice. They say she’s not a real fighter, but then they say she’s not a real wrestler, but the whole time they don’t realize that she’s got them all right here — they’re all wrapped around her little finger.”

Several wrestlers including Lana and Nia Jax have also responded to Rousey’s comments earlier this week, and the whole Women’s Division is eager to get a piece of the Baddest Woman on The Planet.

WWE even brought up Rousey’s comments on RAW this week, after Rousey’s friend Shayna Baszler was asked about the things the former RAW Women’s Champion said last week.

Rousey could be heading towards a return to WWE soon, and with Baszler on the main-roster, we could be heading towards a Four Horsewomen of WWE vs Four Horsewomen of MMA quite soon.