CM Punk Reveals Opportunities That Got Taken Away in Favor of John Cena

CM Punk was always outspoken about his time in WWE and the fact that he was never given the same chances as many other stars in the company at that time.

Punk had the ability to be the face of the company and was just as popular as the likes of John Cena and Randy Orton while he was at the top of his game.

Despite this, Punk was never pushed as the face of the company and was never able to land any kind of movie roles or sponsorship while he was part of WWE.

During a recent conversation with Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions, Punk revealed a time when Cena was put forward over him for a sponsorship deal.

Punk also noted that kind of thing happened regularly while he was part of WWE because the company had a vision of who they wanted to be the face of their business.

“I remember one particular person got a role-playing a wrestler because they knew somebody who was producing this television show for this certain channel. Then when it got shuffled to the office, all of a sudden, he couldn’t do it and the next thing you know, John Cena is doing it.”

“They would literally take every single request that came through and funnel it to the one person that they wanted to be the face of the company.”

“I went to a bachelor party for my buddy. We went to a pinball factory in Chicago where they make a lot of pinball games. We were there and the guy who was giving us the tour, the guy who owned the factory and the company, said he wanted me on the WrestleMania WWE pinball machine and they said no. I said, what do you mean no? They (WWE) said, don’t put this guy on it, we want this guy on it.”

“Still to this day, I will hear stuff like that where they reached out and they had an offer for me and it never got back to me. THQ wanted me on the cover of their video game. I was forwarded the emails where WWE said, no, we want Sheamus, Miz, or John Cena.”