CM Punk Reveals What It Would Take for Him to Make a Wrestling Return

CM Punk has been out of the ring for almost seven years, after walking away from WWE following the 2014 Royal Rumble.

The self-proclaimed Best in the World has since tried his hand at UFC and Comic Book writing, but it appears that he will always find his way back to the business.

Punk was recently one of the stars of WWE Backstage before the plug was pulled on the show earlier in the year and was recently able to sit down with former WWE star Renee Paquette.

Young shared the latest episode of her Oral Sessions podcast with the former World Champion and interestingly the subject of a wrestling return came up. It appears that Punk is actually open to making a return if there is an “interesting scenario” in play.

“Without wanting to insult anybody on either side of the fence, any WWE talent or AEW talent, it would take above all an interesting scenario. A story that would be fun to tell. Also, just the stupidest amount of money. But they could save themselves a whole lot of money if they just presented… a fun storyline. Now, what that is, I don’t know. I’m a pretty picky guy, especially at this point.”