CM Punk Reveals What It Would Take For Him To Return To WWE

CM Punk is a former World Champion and even though he has been out of the wrestling business for more than four years, he is still someone who is consistently in the news. Punk has since tried his hand at MMA in the years that have followed, but after losing both of his matches, it seems that this pipedream has come to an end.

WWE’s most recent “best in the world” storyline has started a lot of speculation concerning CM Punk’s return so that he can prove that he is infact “The best in the world” just like he always claimed.

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Punk recently appeared on WGN Morning News where he was asked about what circumstances he would require to make his return to WWE.

Punk stated that he would require a time machine to ever make a return to the wrestling business, which pours water all over the dreams that many of the WWE Universe had for Punk to make his return at WrestleMania 35 in the absence of Roman Reigns.

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Punk is about to start a new career as a commentator for UFC so it appears that he has clearly moved on with his life and left the ring behind him. Even though Punk was seen as one of the best wrestlers of the past generation, it’s no secret that he didn’t get along with the people in charge of WWE, which is why he doesn’t ever want to make his return.

Both CM Punk and his wife AJ Lee have been successful outside of the company ever since their departures in both 2014 and 2015 and neither star is looking to make a return to the business any time soon.