CM Punk Takes a Shot at WWE for Seemingly Recycling a Major Storyline

Seth Rollins became The Monday Night Messiah after he lost the Universal Championship to The Fiend a few months ago, a character that has been likened to CM Punk’s gimmick in The Straight Edge Society back in 2011.

Punk went on to feud with Rey Mysterio much like Rollins has over the past few months and went on to lose a hair vs mask match to the former World Champion.

Last night on Raw, Dominik officially became a WWE superstar after signing his contract and was then attacked by Rollins and Murphy and received 30 shots with a kendo stick.

It was quite the welcome to WWE and while many superstars recoiled in horror after they witnessed the 23-year-old being brutally assaulted by the two men, CM Punk decided that this was the perfect moment to take a shot at WWE.

Mysterio posted an Instagram update to warn Seth Rollins that he was coming for him and that he was going to kill him for what he had done to his son. Mysterio is obviously sidelined at present since he lost an eye back at Extreme Rules in the storyline, when in fact he is currently negotiating a new contract.

Punk commented on the update to state: “Bro, shave his head. Never been done.” This is a reference to the fact that when things got personal between Mysterio and CM Punk in a very similar storyline, Punk lost the hair vs mask match and had his head shaved.

Many fans have noted the similarities between the two storylines in recent weeks since Rollins has a stable much like Punk once had and was seen as a messiah the same way that the former World Champion has.

WWE has been known to recycle storylines in the past, but it appears that CM Punk isn’t happy about them reusing one that he came up with himself.

The comment can be seen on the post below.