CM Punk To Appear At ALL IN?

cm punk
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ALL IN has the sheer potential to establish itself as one of the biggest non-WWE shows since WCW was dissolved. This year’s ALL IN show was sold out in just ten minutes, thanks to Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks, and fans are optimistic that the pay-per-view will score big numbers high on the charts.

The Young Bucks and ex-WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes have been listening to the fans and doing everything to make the show an event to remember. In this case, Rhodes and The Young Bucks have been all ears to fans who are yearning to see the longest reigning WWE Champion of The Modern Era, CM Punk at the show on September 1, 2018.

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Wrestling Inc interviewed Rhodes and asked Punk’s status for ALL IN. Rhodes said that Matt Jackson reached out to The Second City Saint about making an appearance on this year’s ALL IN.

“Yes, I mean I talked to [Punk] just vaguely,” Rhodes said. “He even at one point said ‘nobody’s asked me — hey here’s how much we’ll pay you and here’s who you’ll wrestle.’

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“Matt [Jackson] actually made a full offer or full pitch for his services and I think Punk is focused on the Mixed Martial Arts element of his career. One of the reasons we didn’t first come out and say, ‘here’s who we want you to wrestle,’ because I think we just wanted him to be a part of the event for a lot of fans, he’s captured their imagination even with the amount of time he’s been gone.”

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“He has a mythical presence to them. I thought it would be good for him to connect with them, but that’s me, you know?”

Rhodes added, “Matt had reached out to [Punk] and made him a real offer. I think Punk is set on not being part of it.”

It appears that unless Punk changes his mind, fans will have to burn their hopes of seeing the former WWE Champion at ALL IN. However, since Punk is anti-WWE, the possibility of him making a surprise appearance at the ROH/NJPW Supershow in Madison Square Garden on April 6, 2019 runs strong.

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It was earlier reported that WWE is furious regarding the fact that the ROH/NJPW Supershow at MSG sold out and with Punk making an appearance at the event, it will only add fuel to the fire and cause Vince McMahon to lose his mind ahead of WrestleMania 35.

ALL IN will air on traditional pay-per-view outlets: FITE TV and Honor Club. The show will commence at 7 P.M. Eastern Time. A one-hour special will air on WGN America at 6 P.M. ET.