CM Punk Wants to See Nia Jax, No Holds Barred Fights and Strippers on WWE Raw Underground

This past Monday, WWE introduced a new product based on the popular Fight Club theme – RAW Underground. The new shoot-styled concept of wrestling inside a ring without ropes has been put together by Shane McMahon and the WWE Universe should brace themselves for more RAW underground segments in the weeks to come.

While Dabba-Kato, The Hurt Business, Erik, Dolph Ziggler enjoyed tearing enhancement talents apart, there was no sign of female Superstars on RAW Underground.

During the SummerSlam 1992 watch party, former WWE Superstar CM Punk discussed his ideas for RAW Underground.

Punk is quite excited about the fresh concept and noted that he would love to see more female Superstars on the shoot-style segment. The Voice Of The Voiceless wants Nia Jax to break some bodies on RAW Underground as well as back-to-back no holds barred fights and strippers for three hours, i.e. throughout the entire duration of RAW.

“I absolutely loved it. I want to see Nia Jax in there. They should get more women in there. Let us see some bodies getting broken.”

“The idea that Shane McMahon and all these people would be in the Performance Center for the whole three hours and they cut into what they’re doing in various segments is pretty cool. Three hours of no holds barred fights and strippers, that’s all I want to see.”

So far, the bloodsport-type RAW Underground has received mixed reactions from fans and this makes it all the more interesting to see how WWE tunes the matches from here.

It remains to be seen whether WWE has any plans to feature women in the shoot-style segments.

However, the good news is that Renee Young has accepted Bayley’s challenge to wrestle on RAW Underground, and the fight could officially mark the beginning of female bouts on the Shane McMahon-run fight club.