CM Punk’s Shocking Statement: I’m done with professional wrestling”

Former WWE Superstars CM Punk and Colt Cabana scored a huge victory this week as the jury ruled in favour of the duo in the legal battle against WWE Dr. Chris Amann. The verdict stated that neither Punk nor Cabana is liable for damages to Dr. Amann after the 4-year defamation lawsuit against them.

A day ago, Punk kept the hope among fans alive by keeping the door to pro-wrestling open.

However, in a recent interview with Aaron Bronsteter, Punk revealed his intentions on pro-wrestling which have taken pro-wrestling fans by storm.

It ha rumoured for several weeks that Punk might be making a surprise appearance at ALL In on September 1, 2018 and his scheduled meet-and-greet t-shirt signing event a day before the biggest indie wrestling show in history added fuel to the fire. However, Punk shot down the rumours with “it’s not happening”.

On being asked about a possible pro-wrestling return, the Second City Saint replied:

“Yesterday I said a bunch of stuff about wrestling about how I had never gotten a true offer this does not mean I want to wrestle. I’m done, I’m done, I’m done with professional wrestling .

A lot of people like to be mad at me about that and make fun of me because I lost my first fight and I’m like, ‘that’s fine you’re entitled to your opinion. But you do not own me so I’m entitled to do what I want to do.’ And that’s what I’m doing.

Wrestling is in the rearview mirror. I’ve been trying for five years to put wrestling in the rearview mirror and some people just like won’t let it go. They like wanna live my life for me and I kinda don’t understand that. But it doesn’t matter what I say. I’ve said: ‘no, no, no’ so many time and people have always been like, ‘oh so there’s a chance?”

CM Punk also made it pretty clear that he is not like Terry Funk, who has retired 22 times now and again announced his return in 2017 at the ripe age of 73. Funk’s wrestling career has spanned 50 years, including multiple short-lived retirements.