Cody Calls Wrestling Fans Toxic, Wants WWE-AEW Supporters To Get Along

Cody Rhodes, the Executive Vice President of AEW, has had a topsy-turvy start to his career in the backstage role. Rhodes has been successful in setting up AEW from the ground up along with the rest of the Elite and even managed to beat WWE for several weeks before NXT rebounded.

Cody recently appeared on the Busted Open Radio and talked about the impact of social media in the current professional wrestling environment. Rhodes talked about the toxicity that is present on several forums and even called out AEW fanbase for irrationally supporting them at times.

“But, on the other side of that is the defenders of AEW that are kind of overly protective and sometimes being too generous to us because obviously, we are going to slip and make mistakes too. But it’s like you said though, if you those people together with one side wearing NXT shirts and the other guys wearing AEW shirts they would get along just fine because they are wrestling fans.”

Cody wished to see both the fanbases stay together in harmony, and said he’ll give Triple H a hug if he ever meets him. Cody said that he respected The Game, and said he is doing the same job as him, but with far more experience.

“I can go ahead and say that I think a lot of things get screwed up with what was done with me in WWE but if I was to be in a room with Triple H at this moment, I would shake his hand and would probably give him a hug outside of everything that has happened. I learned a lot from him. He is on the absolute opposite side of the fence in the same role that I am in AEW and has much more experience in it.”

Cody’s comments on the toxicity of the wrestling fanbase may be correct, as both the fanbases are at each others’ throats and immediately start roasting each other after the rating charts are displayed.