Cody Defends AEW’s New Signee Orange Cassidy, Talks About Getting Mentorship From Bob Holly

All Elite Wrestling’s Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes recently started a Q&A session on Twitter, where he talked about AEW’s new signee Orange Cassidy, among other topics.

It was reported earlier this week that there are several fans who are already giving up on the product after Cassidy, who is popularly known as the guy who is lazy and never wrestles, recently signed with the company. Cassidy made an appearance at AEW Double or Nothing PPV during the Battle Royal.

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Cody defended the decision to sign Orange Cassidy by saying that Orange Cassidy is merely an interesting character and AEW is 100% a sports-based product.

“Easily. He’s a great & fun pro wrestler. The show is 100% sports-based, but the competitors are vastly different in style and delivery.”

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On being asked which arena would he like to see AEW live from, he immediately replied with the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. AEW has currently advertised the locations for its first three episodes, and several matches have been announced for these episodes.

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Orange Cassidy’s gimmick involves him putting his hands in his pocket and carrying a laidback attitude to the match. However, he is a solid professional wrestler, who picks up the intensity if and when required.

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Cody Rhodes went on to talk about Bob Holly, who he felt was a major influence on him during his younger days with WWE. Cody debuted in WWE in his early 20s, and went on to win several titles during his seven-year stay on the main roster.

“[BOB Holly] Took me to the gym…a lot. Was protective of me in the ring too. Also, didn’t sugarcoat how green and unprepared I was. I needed that “

Cody Rhodes will be wrestling Shawn Spears at AEW All Out on the last day of this month, and that PPV is scheduled to be the last one before the TV Deal kicks in!