Cody on His Trademark “Battle” With WWE, Holds No Grudge

AEW’s Cody recently talked about the fact that WWE still holds the trademark to his ring name.

Though many people still refer to or think of Cody as Cody Rhodes, the name he went by in the WWE that is tied to his Hall of Famer father Dusty Rhodes, he’s officially referred to only as Cody on AEW. This is because WWE still technically owns the trademark on “Cody Rhodes.”

Back in April, we reported that the trademark on Cody Rhodes had expired in October 2019 and that Cody had filed a trademark for it.

Cody filed his trademark on April 13, 2020, and for a while, it looked like he might successfully gain his old name back.

However, it turned out that WWE had decided to renew their trademark on “Cody Rhodes” and did so successfully. As of May 15, WWE’s trademark on “Cody Rhodes” is officially considered renewed.

While he may be disappointed at not being able to regain the ring name he used for so long, and that ties him into his father’s legacy, Cody has said he understands why WWE did what they did.

On Twitter, Cody stated that it had been a business move and a smart one. He said that he didn’t hold a grudge over it.

“It’s just business,” wrote Cody. “They’ve seen the same data we have, and they know they can make big money off the brand.”

“Trying to license me is flattering,” continued Cody. “But it doesn’t stop this train from moving. No grudge.”

Cody debuted in WWE in 2007, using the “family” wrestling name of Rhodes and left the promotion in 2016. He is currently the AEW Executive Vice President off-screen and the first AEW TNT Champion on-screen. He successfully defended his championship against Jake Hager at Fyter Fest Night 1.