Cody Responds to Rumors Surrounding More Free Agents Heading to AEW

AEW has always had an open-door policy when it comes to Indy wrestlers and the debut of the TNT Championship has allowed Cody to issue open challenges to any stars who want to step up.

In recent weeks, former WWE star Zack Ryder has hinted that he could be heading to All Elite Wrestling to answer the open challenge as well as Independent star Warhorse.

While speaking to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Cody was able to comment on the recent rumors that these stars could be heading to AEW to challenge for his Championship.

“It’s important we access those opponents, the ones that do not work for AEW. We need to always be aware of the world around us. One of the charming things about what we’ve been doing is we’ve been real and we’ve been transparent. Wrestling exists outside of AEW, we are aware of that. We try to be the best wrestling, and I really think we are, but there is great wrestling outside of us, too. It’s important for us to acknowledge that.”

“I love seeing when people that don’t work here put in an effort to try to get some notice or acknowledgment for the TNT Championship. That’s wonderful. When we say it’s an open challenge, I think you’ll see in the next few weeks that we mean open.”

Zack Ryder’s no-compete clause has now come to an end so he’s free to join AEW. A number of WWE stars have since moved to Impact Wrestling including Heath Slater, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Will Ryder join his former friends or decide to head to AEW?