Cody Rhodes Addresses AEW’s Lack Of Black Wrestlers, Their Commitment To Diversity

Image via Twitter

AEW has been called one of the most progressive wrestling promotions currently active, but some people have pointed out that there is a distinct lack of black wrestlers in their roster.

AEW Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes, who is married to a black woman, Chief Branding Officer Brandi Rhodes, has been vocal in claiming that AEW intends to be diverse and inclusive. It’s not surprising that he has something to say about AEW’s alleged lack of black talent.

According to Rhodes, AEW’s commitment to having a diverse roster is “work that is never finished.” He credits Brandi with ensuring that the roster becomes more representative of every sector of society.

“My wife has been a marvel at with this company is seeking out diverse superstars and wrestlers for our product and I think we’ll continue to do so,” he said.

“I think African American representation on our brand is huge and there are some absolute studs – men and women – that I would love to be a part of AEW and Dynamite… We are doing everything we can to provide the most diverse roster – and first and foremost – the best roster,” Rhodes added.

He also talked about getting talent from other countries onto AEW’s roster, specifically about those from the United Kingdom.

According to Rhodes, he’s about to go to the UK and he might do a “scouting trip”.

“At a certain point in 2020, AEW is going to come to the UK. When we do, I would like the show to feature a great deal of homegrown talent,” he added.

Rhodes also mentioned that AEW’s roster is continuing to grow and that fans had only seen about 40 percent of the wrestlers that they have on their roster.

Currently, AEW has announced over 50 wrestlers as part of their current roster.