Cody Rhodes Addresses PAC’s Status With AEW

PAC has been pulled from the AEW's upcoming Fyter Fest event


PAC (formerly WWE’s Neville) is one the most coveted athletes in the pro wrestling business. Despite signing with AEW early on, he is currently out of action due to “creative differences” but is expected to make his in-ring debut for the new company soon – provided things are sorted out between both sides, hopefully.

Co-Executive Vice President of AEW, Cody Rhodes used to share the same locker room with PAC during his time in WWE. As Stardust and Neville, both men delivered a one-of-a-kind ‘comic-themed’ feud that was a first in WWE history.

Rhodes is still optimistic about PAC’s status with AEW. While the reigning Open the Dream Gate Champion was pulled from AEW’s inaugural Double Or Nothing and has been removed from the upcoming Fyter Fest advertisements, fans still expect PAC to make his in-ring impending debut before Fall.

During a recent interview with ComicBook, Rhodes stated that PAC is still signed to AEW.

“It’s kind of a current, ongoing situation in terms of creative differences.”

“It’s the term we use, it’s not everyone’s favorite term to hear. But I love PAC, he’s amazing. He’s done a great job post-WWE with what he’s done with Dragon Gate, what he’s done with Rev Pro. And really the only thing I can say about it, because it is an ongoing situation, is that PAC is still part of AEW. It’s something we’re actively working on and making it happen. He’s a big part of AEW.”

PAC’s fallout with the AEW creative, shortly before Double Or Nothing, is what caused him to be removed from the show.

While Cody does admire PAC and considers him to be a big part of AEW, it would be beneficial if both sides are able to sort things out as early as possible – presumably, before AEW’s weekly show begins to air live on TNT.