Cody Rhodes Credits Vince McMahon For The Rise Of AEW

AEW Dynamite is set to debut on TNT this Wednesday

Image via Twitter

Cody Rhodes is currently one of the biggest names in the professional wrestling industry. He left WWE in 2016, and following his departure, he quickly became one of the hottest acts in the business. Rhodes won titles in every promotion, and earlier this year, announced the formation of All Elite Wrestling.

The Executive VP of the company, Cody has been on the forefront for promotions for the much-anticipated debut of AEW Dynamite on TNT. The show begins airing tomorrow night and will go head-to-head with WWE NXT.

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In one of the promotional tours, Cody spoke to Bleacher Report regarding his departure from WWE and the formation of AEW. Cody said that he pleaded to Vince McMahon to let him return to his former gimmick in WWE, but Vince didn’t pay heed to his requests.

“Had Vince listened to me when I really wanted to make the transition back to being Cody Rhodes, we wouldn’t be sitting here.”

Cody transitioned to the much-criticized Stardust gimmick in 2014 and teamed up with his brother Goldust. He went solo after a while and struggled to get a proper booking in the singles division.

Cody also said that he wasn’t dreaming about a war with WWE when he left the company. He said that several events led to the formation of AEW and he feels privileged to be in the same spot as his father was all those years ago.

“When I left WWE in 2015, I didn’t think, like, ‘I’m picking up that sword, we’re going to war.’ It’s a wild, wild series of events. There were so many combustible pieces that led to all of this. You throw them together, and suddenly we are in a situation where I’m standing in front of the Turner Mansion with Brandi, in exactly the same spot Dusty took the team picture with WCW. And we’re taking another team picture with a billionaire NFL owner who’s a mega wrestling fan, ready to launch another national wrestling promotion.”

If Vince had listened to Cody, the wrestling landscape could have been so different right now!