Cody Rhodes Doesn’t Want To Impress Vince McMahon, Talks Being Different From His Family

Can AEW slay WWE NXT in the Wednesday Night Wars?

Image via Vice

Cody Rhodes used to be one of the most promising Superstars in WWE back in the day.

As the son of Hall Of Famer Dusty Rhodes, Cody’s first WWE push was written in the stars but later on, things didn’t play out the way he had expected them to be.

The young talent kept craving for more and wasn’t ready to sit in the corner, waiting for Vince McMahon to grant him his next push. Instead, Rhodes decided to seek his fortunes all by himself.

On his Starrcast III live show, Co-Executive Vice President Of AEW, Cody opened up on Vince’s perception towards him and how he doesn’t give a damn about the billionaire boss.

“I want to be the star player. I want to talk to you and know you. It’s really weird when you’re trying and trying and trying, and you just don’t click. It’s okay that my dreams, it’s okay that they changed. Because the product changed [in WWE]…”

“it didn’t feel like it was the same. I got tired of wanting him to hit the ball back when I knew there was more to do. Why try to impress one guy when you have the whole world to impress. I don’t think he’s ever going to like me as a wrestler or a man. I don’t give a damn. It’s out of respect. It’s your opinion, great. Why try for this one guy?”

Every ounce of respect is out of the window with the Wednesday Night Wars officially setting in with NXT’s move to USA Network on September 18 followed by AEW’s debut on TNT on October 2.

“I think a lot of folks may assume that. I think he had a great relationship with Dusty and [Goldust]. I think he thought I was the same and that I would like the same things. I am nothing like either of them. I think [Vince] thought I would have the same rapport. But no, I’m a different person.”

McMahon has a chance to prove yet again why the entire pro wrestling business is his territory but the same can’t be said for Cody – everything is on the line for The American Nightmare and it’s the ultimate do or die situation for him.