Cody Rhodes Files For “Dusty Rhodes” Trademark, Gets Rejected

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AEW’s Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes recently tried to file a trademark for the name “Dusty Rhodes”, the name his father went by for most of his wrestling career.

Cody’s father was born Virgil Riley Runnels Jr., but for the better part of his career, which saw him work as a wrestler, booker, and a trainer for various promotions, he was called Dusty Rhodes.

Both Cody and his brother Dustin (Goldust), took the “Rhodes” surname as wrestlers to honor their father and Cody attempted to trademark his father’s ring name. According to Cody’s legal team, which spoke with Pro Wrestling Sheet, the trademark was rejected last week. The attempt to trademark the Dusty Rhodes name was filed in November of this year.

The reason that the United States Patent and Trade Office gave for rejecting the trademark was that is was too similar to another name that was already trademarked. Ironically enough, it was deemed too similar to “Dustin Rhodes” which was already trademarked by Dusty’s son and Cody’s brother.

This won’t be the end of an attempt by Cody to trademark his father’s ring name as there are still at least two legal options available to them. They can either file an appeal or ask for approval from the owner of the trademark which the Patent Office deemed “too similar” to Dusty’s name.

Given as the stumbling block, in this case, is the name “Dustin Rhodes” and that trademark is held by Dustin himself, and both Rhodes brothers are in AEW and in good terms, it’s likely that this is a minor hiccup in the trademark process that can be easily appealed or swayed by Dustin giving his consent.