Cody Rhodes Reportedly “Hyping Himself” To Get Million-Dollar Offer From WWE

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The hottest professional wrestler of the independent circuit, Cody Rhodes recently turned down an offer from WWE causing fans to speculate what Vince McMahon exactly needs to do to bring Rhodes back in his promotion.

On the Oh, You Didn’t Know podcast, Brad Shepard recently revealed that the story may not be true since WWE hasn’t approached Cody at all.

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“So there was a recent tweet by Cody Rhodes or an indication that he received a WWE offer within the past few weeks  The initial report from Dave Meltzer said essentially that WWE was going to offer top main event money. to Cody Rhodes to try and get him signed.”

“So I was told that Cody was hyping himself regarding the WWE offer and Meltzer is either doing him a favor by boosting it or is being given bad information. Nobody is offering Rhodes millions of dollars.”

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As noted earlier, Rhodes wouldn’t turn down a million-dollar WWE deal if the contract was actually on the table. Apparently, WWE isn’t offering millions of dollars to Cody which justifies the fact that The American Nightmare is actually hyping himself to get McMahon’s attention.

It’s an interesting scenario since Cody Rhodes is reportedly a big part of the upcoming hot “All Elite Wrestling” promotion and turning down a deal from WWE would make sense in that light. However, the promotion is still a developing story and although the company is set to go live by late 2019 or early 2020, it’s still a long way for AEW because a major television deal is yet to be made.

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Rhodes has come a long way in his career since his unceremonious departure from WWE in 2016. He is the man that helped reshape the independent circuit in the United States, and now aspires to become a promoter himself.

With his current ROH/NJPW contract expiring on December 31, Rhodes will be facing ROH stalwart Jay Lethal for the Ring of Honor World Championship on December 14 (today). The match is being billed as something more serious than a typical world title defense since a victory for Cody would allow him to leave the company with the title – a storyline somewhat identical with ROH’s CM Punk (2005) and WWE’s Punk (2011).