Cody Rhodes “Pissed” That He Did Not Top the PWI 500 List Instead of Jon Moxley

Cody Rhodes was recently able to announce the good news that he had been given the full use of his ring name once again.

The current TNT Champion was recently part of a media call where he was able to talk about a number of interesting parts of AEW.

Rhodes also admitted that he was “pissed” that he wasn’t the star who topped the Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500 list for 2020. The former WWE star believed that he would be awarded the number one spot and even had an entire plan prepared but instead, it was fellow AEW star Jon Moxley who topped the list.

Jon Moxley has had an impressive year in AEW and while both Rhodes and Moxley are currently Champions, it’s Moxley who’s the AEW World Champion and has dominated the promotion since his arrival.

Rhodes has also had a fantastic year and AEW has benefitted from the way he has stepped up but it appears that PWI saw Moxley’s dominant Championship reign and the fact that Rhodes can never win that Championship after he lost to Chris Jericho.