Cody Rhodes Promises Not To “Disparage” NXT, Clarifies Kenny Omega’s Shots

Which promotion will reign supreme in the Wednesday Night Wars?

Image via Twitter

All Elite Wrestling’s new weekly show ‘Dynamite’ will be making its grand debut against arch-rival WWE NXT tonight on TNT.

Co-Executive Vice President of AEW, Cody Rhodes is fully aware of the cut-throat competition that WWE has brought to the table with NXT, but instead of belittling his rivals, the ex-Superstar is more focused on the product that AEW is set to deliver in the days to come.

During the AEW Dynamite conference call, Cody made it known that he won’t be besmirching NXT due to the fact that it was his father, late great Hall Of Famer Dusty Rhodes who had forged the developmental territory into what it is today.

“Well, I know that my father was rather instrumental in bringing the developmental brand up from the OVW-like situation or the FCW situation that I was in as a trainer, and making it more of a brand. You’ll never hear me disparage NXT. There’s a locker room full of my friends over there and literally if any of you have done the Performance Center tour, you’re going to happen in front of my dad’s boots.

Rhodes further explained that Kenny Omega’s recent shots at NXT were actually fired in character.

A few days ago, The Cleaner had claimed that AEW boasts of the world-class athletes in sharp contrast to the underwhelming NXT talents.

I think Kenny was just having a bit of fun and it was something much in character that’s been going on with Being The Elite. I have nothing but good things to say about the developmental brand, and their success they’ve had, and their continued success.”

The Wednesday Night Wars are finally upon us as AEW and WWE lock horns with the sole aim of delivering the most enjoyable pro wrestling shows that fans have ever seen.