Cody Rhodes Responds to Fan Who Says AEW is Bad for Wrestling

Cody Rhodes recently had an altercation with a wrestling fan who said, “AEW is bad for wrestling overall.”

The fan said that All In and All Elite Wrestling’s inception was a dark day for wrestling. He fired back by questioning the long-term economic growth because of AEW.

Rhodes then responded to the fan and stated that AEW has already changed the wrestling world.

“It’s already been seen. Every company has had to up their financial commitment, duration, and QOL elements in their contracts. Wrestlers and their families like to eat and expand their target audience from 1 promoter to millions of fans. It’s the best time to be a fan.”

The wrestling fan then said that AEW is bad for wrestling, to which The American Nightmare replied:

“We have grown tenfold in global penetration, social Nielsen’s, we received an extension from our partner in the space. don’t mistake somebody’s entertainment podcast for facts. Everything I’m saying is documented. The sky is blue, that shouldn’t offend you. Watch & you’ll love it”

Cody is yet to reply to more of the fan’s comments that were made further.