Cody Rhodes Reveals He Did Not Sign Release Papers When Walking Out Of WWE

The American Nightmare has single-handedly revolutionised the independent circuit

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Co-Executive Vice President Of AEW, Cody Rhodes was one of the most promising future stars of WWE back in the day.

Despite having the looks and skills, Rhodes was largely overlooked by Vince McMahon. However, Rhodes was still getting on-screen time on a regular basis, but the way WWE booked him was largely different from the ideas and storylines that he had in mind.

On the Starrcast III live show, The American Nightmare revealed that he had a very straightforward conversation with WWE about what he was looking to achieve in that company. However, the juggernaut promotion failed to provide him with a satisfactory answer – the result? Rhodes decided to quit at once!

“I could break 1,000 thrones, I probably will, but I can never not appreciate what they did for me. I met Brandi there, I grew up there. It’s the house that built me. I took everything I could get and I let them know and we all know how that ended.”

Despite walking out of the company in an unceremonious fashion, and that includes not signing his official release papers, Rhodes still appreciates everything that WWE had put on his plate from 2007-2016.

“I let them know that there’s more to me than what you see and the only thing I can do is show you. You’re not letting me show you here. Mark Carrano said, ‘I’ll see ya next week.’ I said, ‘No you won’t.’ I never came back — I didn’t even sign my release papers which I think is illegal by the way, don’t tell anyone.”

Now that AEW and WWE are about to kickoff the Wednesday Night Wars, every ounce of respect is out of the window.

Cody is now doing the same job that his late great father, Dusty Rhodes once did at TNT during his WCW days.