Cody Rhodes Reveals That AEW Fired an Employee Following Bloody Chair Shot Segment

Shawn Spears got quite the name for himself back at Fyter Fest in 2019 when he stepped into a feud with Cody Rhodes by delivering a chair shot to the head.

In professional wrestling, there has been a blanket ban on shots of this kind because of recent concussion lawsuits, and because many companies are looking out for the safety of their superstars.

The chair shot became one of the most controversial moments in AEW history when it happened, but the chair was actually supposed to be gimmicked.

While talking to AEW Unrestricted recently, Cody Rhodes revealed that they had an entire plan for it to be like a cookie sheet but because it went wrong, the prop designer was fired.

“Here was the plan, the plan was, and I explain this because everyone was pretty adamant against it, I said, ‘we’ll do a chair shot to the head, but we will literally gimmick the chair.’ It would have been nice to have a person who knew how to do that. It went from, okay, my friend ordered this off Amazon and see if this would work, or if we take the cushion off, is it super thin like sheet metal, like a cookie sheet.”

“But then it won’t look like a wrestling steel chair. So what do we do? So Charlie Ramon, he saved Moxley in that moment. He’s been in a bunch of random segments. I would classify Charlie as what we would call our ‘Magic Department.’ It’s crafts. It’s props. In WWE, the department was called ‘Magic’. He was briefly the head of our props division. He was also fired the same day he was head of our props division because of how bad this all went.”