Cody Rhodes Reveals That He Recently Turned Down A WWE Offer

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Cody Rhodes left WWE more than two years ago and outside of the company the former Champion has managed to find his own success. Rhodes was frustrated with the way he was being used by WWE, which is why he decided to tempt his own fate. 

Rhodes has wrestled for a number of companies over the past two years and even created All In back in September, which was considered a huge success.

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During a live podcast appearance with Fight Forever Wrestling  Rhodes revealed that he had recently turned down the opportunity to return to WWE. 

Rhodes was asked about the possibility of him returning to the promotion anytime soon since WWE is keen to re-sign their former star, but the former Champion responded that he had turned down a deal with the company over the past few weeks, so he isn’t looking to make a return anytime soon. 

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Rhodes has already proved that there is a market for a no-PG product outside of WWE, which is why All In was seen as such a success, but now Rhodes is even hinting that he could be taking All In over to the United Kingdom for the second installment of the saga, which could be called “All In International.”

Rhodes stated that there was a market for wrestling in both Australia and The United Kingdom that he was looking at.

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“There are two major territories outside of the US in terms of wrestling, the UK and Australia. If you put up a ring they will come,” he said via WrestleTalk.

Right now, Cody Rhodes and the rest of The Elite are gearing up to make a huge announcement regarding All Elite Wrestling on January 1st, an announcement that many believe will be the launch of their own promotion which will be backed by billionaire Tony Khan.