Cody Rhodes Says AEW Has Revealed Only 40% Of Its Roster So Far

AEW has major surprises in store for its fans

Image via Twitter

All Elite Wrestling begins in two months’ time on TNT, and the hype around the new company is growing with each passing day. Several big names have been announced for the company, including former WWE Champions Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley f.k.a Dean Ambrose.

Cody Rhodes replied to several tweets this weekend, and revealed that AEW has major surprises in store for its fans. According to Cody, only 40% of the roster is actually revealed until now and many more superstars will join the roster soon.

Replying to a tweet by a fan who complained about AEW having “small wrestlers”, Cody said that that the whole picture is yet to be completed. Currently, there are close to 50 wrestlers signed to AEW. Certain superstars like Jon Moxley have signed deals with the company but are also eligible to appear in different promotions.

Replying to another tweet which said that AEW needs to sign big names like Goldberg and Sycho Sid, Cody said that the company will look to sign modern wrestlers. Cody clarified that he didn’t mean to disrespect any superstar, but AEW is focused on filling the roster with current superstars instead of washed-up old superstars.

It is interesting to see that Cody talks about having modern wrestlers, but has Chris Jericho who is not exactly a spring chicken. Cody’s comments will definitely add fuel to the fire of CM Punk-AEW rumors, even though several reports have already denied the possibility of that happening in the near future.

AEW will surely add Marty Scrull and LAX to their roster, once their deals with ROH and AAA end. WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall a.k.a Razor Ramon ruled out a possible return to the ring as Jericho’s partner in the opening episode of AEW on TNT.