Cody Rhodes Shoots Down Idea Of AEW Having On-Screen Authority Figures

AEW’s superstar and Executive Vice President Cody Rhodes recently talked about one element of WWE storytelling that he hopes never to see on an AEW show. During a question and answer with fans on Twitter, Rhodes answered a fan’s question about whether or not there would ever be an on-screen authority figure on AEW.

Authority figures, from general managers to the actual involvement of the McMahon family, in storylines – often serving as antagonists for the wrestlers – is a much debated staple of WWE television. While some people enjoy seeing authority figures, others don’t. Rhodes apparently falls in the “don’t want to see authority figures” camp.

“Hopefully never,” said Rhodes about authority figures on AEW.

“The audience isn’t dumb,” he continued. “The audience isn’t dumb, they know who management is.”

Rhodes added that the whole thing was insulting to current wrestling fans. Though he also said that it was his own opinion.

“There’s a lot of fun ways to do this and I respect those,” he said.

While Rhodes himself is a known “authority” at AEW, he has taken care never to let that fact leak into his in-ring wrestling persona.

He is currently involved in the TNT Championship Tournament. He defeated Darby Allin on the last episode of Dynamite and is set to face Lance Archer in the tournament finals during the Double or Nothing pay-per-view on May 23.

Before that, on the next episode of Dynamite, he’s set to take on Joey Janela.