Cody Rhodes Takes Subtle Shot At “Sports Entertainment” WWE, Calls AEW “Pro Wrestling”

AEW could soon be the only wrestling promotion that really matters

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AEW took the world by storm with its official launch back in January and wreaked havoc in the pro wrestling industry with the inaugural Double Or Nothing pay-per-view in May.

AEW is hands-down WWE’s biggest competitor since the death of WCW in 2001. While WWE has come a long way in these two decades, AEW is just getting started, and at the same time, taking the fight to the juggernaut.

It was officially announced yesterday that AEW will begin airing its two-hour weekly show on TNT on Wednesday, October 2, 2019, just two days before SmackDown makes it grand debut on FOX.

Following the big announcement, the upstart promotion introduced some of their executives and wrestlers to the Television Critics Association.

Co-Executive Vice President of AEW, Cody Rhodes attended the presentation and used the platform to take a subtle shot at his former company, WWE.

It was at this time the ex-Superstar had popped up the major difference between AEW and WWE.

“WWE has often coined themselves ‘sports entertainment’. We’re coining ourselves ‘pro wrestling.’ We want pro wrestling to be what entertains you. It’s a sports-centric broadcast that we’d like to present with AEW on TNT.  And we just want to be our best selves.”

Rhodes made it clear that AEW will be more physical, thus more brutal than WWE.

“I think the violence that just goes hand-in-hand with professional wrestling is there,” it’s on the surface. You know what you’re getting.”

“However, these blood feuds and some of the more graphic content, I mean I’m sitting up here with a black eye. My brother, I’m beating him up.”

However, it turns out that the bloody content won’t be aired on the weekly show. In fact, fans may have to subscribe/pay to see that extra bit of hardcore wrestling.

“That content, be it our live and our streaming services and the pay-per-views, traditionally in pro wrestling you would build to those big blood feuds or rivalries or hyper-violent type matches. You won’t see that necessarily on the weekly broadcasts on TNT.”