Cody Rhodes’ Trademark for ‘The American Dream’ Rejected Yet Again

Cody Rhodes’ third attempt to secure the iconic ‘The American Dream’ phrase has failed yet again as the US Patent and Trademark Office refused to accept his application.

Rhodes’ father, Dusty Rhodes, was popularly known as the American Dream, and Cody wants to bring it back into action.

The former TNT Champion is currently using the term American Nightmare for his persona, while several other terms such as Nightmare Family, Natural Nightmares, and Nightmare Sisters are being used by other members of the Rhodes family.

The trademark was originally filed in early 2019, but it continues to be declined by the registrar office.

Apparently, the courts have deemed Rhodes’ application to lack enough evidence and documentation.

The latest filing was made on the 20th of last month, and Cody’s legal team will need to draft another case to secure the rights for the legendary name.